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Cordwood Sauna

Cordwood Sauna


local clay, straw, and sand, spruce and hemlock from site, whey-based polyurethane from Vermont Natural Coatings, 0 V.O.C. paints, energy efficient windows.



Nursery using non-toxic finishes. The purpose of this project was to create a warm healthy space for a new baby. While all people are affected in some ways by indoor air quality, the little ones are particularly sensitive. Most common building materials contain various components that release pollutants into the air (off-gassing). This renovation used only natural and non-toxic materials and coatings. The unique properties of clay in the plaster can actually remove impurities from the air, and can hold and release moisture to balance humidity levels and inhibit the growth of molds. The clay plaster also has a certain inviting feeling that can’t be replicated with paints. Even the floor is coated with a sealer made from whey.