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Strawbale Cabin

Strawbale Cabin


Timbers cut from trees on site; Straw-bales from a local farm; Plasters made from clay, sand, straw, and lime (most locally sourced); Metal roofing; Recycled windows and doors



A highly sustainable structure:  Yeoman Design Build worked extensively with owner/builder Dan Finklestein on this 600 sq.ft. four-season, Timber-frame, Straw-bale cabin. The cabin is built almost entirely from a handful of simple, local materials, and its environmental impact is minimal. The cabin features a traditional timber frame, True R-30 walls and an R-60 roof plane, wood-stove heat, a spacious front porch, and a 300 sq. ft. loft.  Natural materials create a beauty and a feel unmatched by today’s mass-produced materials. This is one cozy little cabin.