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What’s a Yeoman?

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Yeoman was a common term in early America for an independent, self-reliant farmer. The yeoman was a small-scale family farmer who embodied the principles of craftsmanship, honesty, simplicity, ingenuity, and above all else hard-work. The yeoman became a symbol of self-sufficiency and a connection to the land that stood in contrast to the rise of mass-production, urbanization, and the industrial revolution. Eventually the industrial ways won out and the term yeoman along with many of his principles faded into history. At Yeoman Design Build we hope to bring back the ways of the yeoman and instill his qualities in our work.

Mike DeSorgher

Mike DeSorgher is the owner of Yeoman Design Build.  Mike has worked as a frame to finish carpenter and tradesman for the past 15 years. He is a licenced construction supervisor in Massachusetts and a dedicated craftsman. Mike’s passion for the environment drew him to green-building, energy-efficiency and building science, and eventually natural building and permaculture. In 2012 he started Yeoman Design Build because he saw a need for more common sense building solutions, environmental stewardship, and honest craftsmanship in todays building trades.  Mike also co-founded a group called the Sustainable Tradesmens Network that meets monthly to share ideas, run workshops, and pursue better ways to build our future.


Yeoman Design Build


Yeoman Design Build is a full-scale residential construction and remodeling company.  The mission of Yeoman Design Build is to bring better options to the table for building and improving the homes of Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont. We believe in the use of local natural materials, and a blend of traditional and modern techniques.  While our projects range from unique natural buildings, to more conventional remodels and repairs, every project goes through a careful process of design, materials selection, and planning.  The results are structures and spaces with better indoor air-quality, improved building performance, higher standards of craftsmanship, and an unmatched aesthetic beauty.