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Sustainable Strawbale Home

Sustainable Strawbale Home


80% of the wood in this house was milled on site from the trees that once stood here; Straw-bales came from a local farm; Plasters made from clay, sand, straw, and lime (most locally sourced); Metal roofing; energy efficient windows; local stone and slate.



A truly one of a kind project. Built from trees that never left the site, and insulated with a hybrid of straw-bales and cellulose insulation this home is both sustainable and energy efficient. The home features passive solar design,  Solar hot water, masonry heater for primary heat and an efficient heat pump unit as supplement heat. Local natural materials were used at every juncture from the clapboard siding to the slate window sills. The house is filled with beautiful custom details you’d only find in a natural built home.